UrbanRyderz was founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA. We have the passion for gettin out and riding on two wheels.   

We don’t want to lose precious riding time, attending events, and just posting up.  UrbanRyderz ride safe and follow all street laws. 

We respect all other bikers, clubs, and never bringing discredit to our name. We believe all ryderz will come home at the end of the day. 

The kind of people we are looking for are family, friendly individuals who just want to ride, have fun, and be safe while abiding, and respecting the BY LAWS of the UrbanRyderz. 

We are looking forward to recruiting new ryderz to expand our club. Please visit our website link below for more information.

The true meaning of what riding is, “One’s love of true riding without drama and road burn”. 

Ride or get Rode!