Safety & Links


1. Always represent the UrbanRyderz with respect.

2. Zero tolerance of any use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs while affiliated with any UrbanRyderz events.

3. Obey all traffic laws at all times

4. UrbanRyderz club colors are mandatory at all events.

5. Respect other motorcycle clubs and ryderz

6. No racing and/or stunting in city limits or freeways.

7. Endorsement is mandatory for membership

8. UrbanRyderz reserves the right to revoke or remove anyone for what is deemed as unsafe or reckless behavior.

9.  Insurance is desired.

10. After joining The Urbanryderz Riding Group, if you leave The Urbanryderz Riding Group, you may ask to rejoin for a second time, which will be put to a group vote.  If you are approved to rejoin, if you leave for a second time, you will no longer be granted membership.

11. Everyone comes back home safe!


When you need an attorney that you can trust to help you after you've been injured, charged with an offense or received a ticket, turn to Jim Oliver & mention UrbanRyderz

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